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Lighting a Narrow Corridor Transitionally Daylight to Nighttime.

E Mantle

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Hi all,


My task it to light a narrow corridor that recieves very little natural light for the duration of a tracking shot that takes place for the full length of it. At one end of it is a room that will be lit as though it were daylight outside - at the other end there is a room that will be lit as though it was night outside. I am happy enough lighting each room as such but what about the transition between the two that will take place in the corridor?

Regarding space for lighting there is very little indeed - The corridor measures just over two foot wide however it is quite high - as much as 10 feet in places.


Any thoughts or suggestions?






Edit: I'm lighting for video. (It's a music promo if you're curious).

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What's the shot? Are you leading the actors? following them? Do you see the ceiling? floor?

Is the purpose to do a lighting transistion in the midst of the shot?

What's the corridor like? Doors? Windows? Vents?


Wow, sorry to just gush out questions like that. There are always so many variables to consider.

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No problem. My post was far too vague.

Mid shot. Following the subject. Don't see the floor. Do see the far end of the corridor's ceiling.

Doors at either end. No windows. No vents.

But yes, the idea is to have the first room as daylight then the second room as night with a lighting transition of some sort in the middle of the corridor...

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What is the corridor's lenght between the two rooms? If it's a short distance then you may not need to add any light at all. The actor would be lit in the first room and they could be in sillouette as they walk to the second room.

If the ceiling is high then you could probably get away with placing a few lights hanging from the ceiling such as photoflood bulbs depending on how well you want the corridor to be lit.

Are you white balancing the camera for daylight and then adding ctb gels to your lights for the room that is supposed to be night? As this will influence your choice of light for the corridor (if any). What kind of lights are you using for each room?

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