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Lighting Night Ext. Gritty

Joseph Nesbitt

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Hi I'm shooting a short soon, just for fun I decided to try replicating a David Fincheresque type of feel for the scene. Unfortunately I am at a total loss on how to achieve the look from Fight Club. Like Seven it's Neo Noir so I was thinking of high contrast and giving off that bleeding into the frame look, someone on the forums recently wanted to replicate that electric feel to some films, he wanted to achieve it for film, I would like to know how to do it on Mini Dv. The scene will probably be done with rented lights, I will most likely have three lights at my disposal, and maybe a couple of home depot work lights if I need them. The scene is a night Ext. it is the opening scene, it's a conversation between three people, I want an Ominous and fore boding mood, I am planning to light from the left side with one of the home depot lights pointed down from a boom to create the look of a weak street light and then beside that have a diffused professional light probably a 3k or 5k to represent moonlight, then backlight the actors with an un-diffused 3k. Any suggestions or ideas to replicate the gritty feel of Fight Club

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