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EX1R or EX1 & Convergence NanoFlash

Brian Rose

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So I'm pretty much set on getting an EX1 type camera. I love it's larger chip and excellent lowlight performance. But where I'm stuck is which model. For a while I was set on getting the EX1R, but having worked with an EX1 on a shoot, and being quite pleased with its performance (in spite of some of the design flaws fixed on the 1-R), I'm not so sure.


I've also done quite a bit of work with the Viper Filmstream, coupled with the Convergencen flash drive. Now, that camera is a WEE BIT out of my price range, but the new nanoFlash unit, with its smaller size and price, has me thinking. If I went with an older, cheaper EX1, I could funnel those savings toward a nanoFlash, as well as invest in some 32g and 64 gig flash cards, which are much cheaper than the SxS cards proprietary to the EX1 line.


But another issue is working with the material in post. I prefer using Adobe Premiere, and I understand there are some issues with importing footage. Perhaps this has been resolved with a plugin, or with the eventual CS5?


What do you all think?





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The IR issue will bite you one day with the old EX1. You can fix it with the Tiffen T1 filter, but at 1/2 stop loss and a green tint requiring a custom colour balance. The new EX1R also overcranks to 60fps using the SDHC adapters with good cards. Better ergo for hand holding too, and a usable view finder.


If you plan to keep it long term, get the EX1R.

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The IR issue was not really corrected in the EX1R. It's supposedly better but definitely still there. I would still use a T1 filter to be on the safe side.

The best would of course be an EX1R+Nanoflash, but if I had to choose between an EX1R and an EX1+Nanoflash I would go with an EX1+Nanoflash in a heartbeat! In the end of the day what counts is the image quality and the image quality is EXACTLY the same between the 2 cameras as is also the EX3. The small ergonomic differences between the EX1 and EX1R are minimal. The much better quality of the Nanoflash makes a much bigger difference. About the only thing I really miss in the EX1 is the new HDMI connector. All else is pretty superficial. Just my opinion.

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