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Lighting small loft bedroom

Salvador M. Rodrigues

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Hi everyone,


I'm shooting this viral type spot this weekend, which will take place in a small bedroom and will mainly focus on a model sitting on the bed while working on her laptop. There isn't much space to work with and I can only shoot in the evening after dusk. I'm trying to keep this as simple and natural as possible. I'm looking for an even light, to represent natural daylight, which will help me enrich the saturation from the models clothes and accessories (a rainbow/candy pallet) in post.

I usually work with DOP, but when the budget is non-existent I do the lighting myself. It's also an area I'm always studying and working to achieve better results the next time.


As a starting point to light this scene, I'm thinking of fixing two foamcores to form a V, positioned where the loft window would be, and have a 2.5k fresnel beaming into it to reflect key light into the room. Then, have another foamcore positioned side/top to bounce key light for fill. Possibly a reflector to bounce directed light into her face.


Like I said, this is my starting point. Am I on the right track ? Maybe the 2.5k is too strong ? How much CTB filter is usually correct to use ? Would appreciate any input on what I'm thinking and extra light sources/reflections to help light this scene.


The camera will be handheld and framing a MS of the model and a couple of CU on her face and actions.


Thanks for your patience. Here is picure of the scene with a diagram of what I intend to do.


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So just to be sure you're going for daylight? Is there a way to move the "window" to her right? Ideally I'd add a lamp next to her and dim it down and hide a little flo in her lap and turn the laptop's screen off. For side shots I'd bounce some light off a reflector to augment the laptop's glow and that flo would be out of the way. The 2.5k might be overkill. You can try positioning a 4x4 bounce to her right and bounce a 1k or two off there and again throw a little light in her lap to get a little glow in her face.

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Hi Deniz,


Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I definitely can move the direction the light is coming from, since the window will never be in shot. It actually might be a smarter move, and gives me more freedom with the camera. Yes, this is intended to be daylight. The shoot has been postponed until next week, so I'm gonna have some more time to think about the shot !

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