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The Archimedes is Dead. Meet the Smart Squeezer

Michael Collier

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Hello All,


Some of you might remember a project I was working on a few months back. The "Archimedes", an upgraded electronics package for the CP-16. In shame, I shut the door on that project, I had missed the market and probably would have lost money on it.


Since then I have been working on a new project dubbed "The Smart Squeezer", built on an underlying technology I have developed that I call "Distributed Dimming". It is very close to being market ready.


I won't go much into features and all that, but in brief it allows a crew to completely control a set from their iPhones and iPads. An app completely replaces the board, DMX cable and all of that, and allows crews to work through complicated setups, and dynamically adjust to the scene at hand.


From a simple light switch gag, fire effects, TV projections, all the way to full set control, it streamlines the workflow for both 1st Unit Electric and the Rigging Crew. It's also great for VFX work. The aim was to give one tool to manage and control the entire light grid, and be flexible enough to adapt to the job roles of the crews.


I have a prototype that I have built and tested. By tomorrow I will be in LA, taking meetings with interested groups. I need two things to get this to market, interested partners and industry feedback.


If you work in the Electrical department I want to meet with you! If you own a rental house, I am all ears! I want to customize this to the needs of everyone, so it can hopefully become a universal tool.


I will be in LA from March 19th - March 28th with taking meetings to showcase the power of Distributed Dimming. I have a busy schedule, but I want to meet with anyone who can give me feedback and advice. Feel free to email me at mike@randomacronym.com if you are interested in meeting up while I am down there.


(And no, I won't release a price list, feature list or release date until I have production units in hand. I already learned that lesson)

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