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Arrifles 35mm 2A for Sale

Christopher Kechichian

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Hello everyone,

it's my first post here, i read some really interesting stuff in this forum.

Well, I have the Arriflex A2 that belonged to my father who was a film director; he shot only two publicities

with it and it's condition is really great. Here are the accessories of the camera:


Lenses: -Heinz Kilfit Munchen Kilar 1:3.5 / 150mm

-Schneider-Kreuznach Arriflex-Ciné-Xenon 1:2/28mm

-Schneider-Kreuznach Arriflex-Ciné-Xenon 1:2/50mm


Film Magazines: - 2films Magazines for 150m reel of stock

- 2films Magazines for 120m reel os stock


Original Arriflex Lense shade for tooret 3 lenses


* 2 Variable speed Motor Forw./Back. R.V from 0 to 50 fps


* Glass Colored filter Original Arriflex for B&W films


* Tripod Adapter to fit any tripod


* Battery Cable


* Arriflex Carrying Case (Aluminium)


I would like to sell this camera so if anyone is interested please reply back.

Thank you

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Try posting it on Ebay and then share the link here (although i don't think the admin likes "for sale" posts) Usually those shopping for film cameras want to see macro close-ups of the claw/aperture, lenses and overall camera accessories to see what condition the gear's in before making a decision.


Add to that a price with the option to purchase. If you make a proper appraisal and set a fair price, you shouldn't have any trouble selling it. It should be tested before and if required, pay to get it serviced before shipping it out because the buyer shouldn't have to worry about it, at least for a long while.


All the best.

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