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Are CP.2's that much better than Distagons?

Trent Watts

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I'm trying to decide which wide angle prime lenses to rent from borrowlenses.com. I'm shooting a commercial with a 5D Mark 2 and am wondering when it would be overkill to use the Zeiss compact primes or even the Canon CN-E's over the Zeiss Distagon lenses. This commercial will only be shot with wide angle primes in the 21mm to 25mm range, and NO FOCUS ADJUSTMENTS will need to be made during shots. Ideally, barrel distortion would be kept to a minimum too. I need to decide ASAP as lenses need to be balanced with the steadicam by Tuesday. Your help is appreciated!

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The 14-blade iris on the CP.2s is certainly a nice improvement over the standard Distagons. However, with wider lenses and ZERO focus adjustments mid-shot - I think the advantages you'd get from going with the CP.2s would be minimal.


So given those particular conditions, I'd suggest sticking with the Distagons, and putting the additional budget into more important aspects of the production... like catering :D

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