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FS: Quick release Bridgeplate for 19mm rods + 12" Rods - Arri and Red One compatible

Peter Gosens

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The quick release bridgeplate is compatible with Arri camera's (like the alexa) and the Red One. It goes for 299 euros.


For the Red Scarlet and Epic you need an additional bottom plate.

For the Arri Alexa you need the plate that already comes with the camera.


You can also use it as a more heavy weight rods system for your big zoom lenzes on the Canon C300. For this several options are available. Just ask if you want to know more.


I also have 12" Rods 19mm that go for 25 euros each.


Have a look at my website www.petergosens.com to for more info.



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To clear it a bit: Compatible with the Red One, Arri Alexa Studio, Arriflex 235, Arriflex D-21, Arriflex 435, Sony F23/35/65, SI-2K, Phantom and Weisscam HS-2.


Arri Alexa or Alexa Plus only with Arri's own bridgeplate adapter BPA-1 (you get it with the camera).


Red Scarlet and Epic only with a riser plate, available from several third-party manufacturers.

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