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Looking for advice and articles on everything to do with being a DIT

Peter Lyngso

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Hello there,

I am a freshmen undergrad in film school and recently got the position to work as a DIT and editor on an upcoming short. The short is a collaborative effort of one of our school clubs where we managed to get together to funds to shoot with an epic. During the shoot, which is coming up this spring, I am to apprentice a professional DIT and learn the ropes. Eventually taking over once I am comfortable with the procedures and so forth. I am also going to be grading and editing the RAW footage. So prior to when my apprenticeship begins I would like to have a firm knowledge of what I am getting myself into. So I was curious if anyone had any articles regarding the DIT workflow and responsibilities of the job. Also I am looking for any articles and info on grading RAW footage which I have experience with in terms of stills, and the RAW editing workflow.

Despite going into this without any experience in being a DIT, I am a very adequate editor in Final Cut and Premier. Just to let you know I’m not entirely unqualified for the position.

Summary: I am looking for all information, advice, and articles regarding being a DIT to a RED Epic, and grading and editing RAW footage.


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There's no real text book as the craft is new, always changing, and each job is different.


I'd recommend some practices:


Color coding your work station to manage cards/media - I have a red box on the left of my system for "hot / exposed" cards and a green box for cards ready for format - that I've downloaded, verified, and visually QC'd. Once they're done, they go to the green box, until being relabeled, formatted, and reshot on. Full circle.


I would also recommend creating a spreadsheet to track your download activities. I log the Roll number, the name I gave the card (IE If i have four cards, I name them after the ninja turtles, so if there's a card issue I know which one it is) the amount of data on that card, the amount of clips on that card, and checkboxes for making 2 backups, and one checkbox that I've QC'd the material.


Other than that, a good DIT always helps the DP / camera dept once his own responsibilities are taken care of - so have good set ettique at know what AC's need - batteries, a coffee, extra tape, something from the truck, I even track down cigs for the crew when I'm not busy - anything to make them remember you as very helpful - they're the ones hiring you most of the time!

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