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How to shoot a scene that has super 8mm projector going

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I am about to shoot a short movie with the Red Scarlet. Prior to that, we will shoot some 8mm footage.

During one scene, a character is going to start a super 8mm projector and then go in front of it (in the projected image) and interact with the character from the super 8mm footage.


I am aware of the "scanning line" problem due to the rolling shutter of the Scarlet.


My solution was to film the super 8mm footage with a non-rolling shutter camera. (I believe it is the cheap alternative to a scan) And then cheat the projection with a digital projector, pretending it comes from the super 8mm projector. Do you think it would work? Would it look fake?


My main goal though would be to be able to see the super 8mm projector rolling and its image in the same shot.


I was wondering what would be my other options?


Thanks for your advices,



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