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I am empop. I am a singer/songwriter, producer, and recording studio manager from London, UK.


I am writing to offer my music for free for film projects! I expect no royalties!

If you would like to use my music I just ask that you send me a link to your final film, credit me at the end and also Follow me on Twitter: @empop89 and like my facebook page: www.facebook.com/empopmusic. ;-)


My music is quirky, different, happy, catchy, melodic, fun and would work well for TV/Film/Adverts etc!

I own all the rights to my music. I have instrumental versions of all my songs too if needed.




'The Garden'


'Let It Go':



DARK QUIRKY MUSIC: My track 'Night Poem' has the right feel for shows like 'Vampire's Diaries' etc

Night Poem:


My album was produced by Britney Spears' Musical Director Simon Ellis.


You can hear all my music at


My website is at https://www.empop.co.uk

and my Facebook page is www.facebook.com/empopmusic



December 2012 - The 1st song from my new album - 'The Garden' was played on BBC RADIO 6 by Tom Robinson.

July 2012 - My song 'Let It Go' was played on BBC RADIO 6 by Tom Robinson.

25th June 2012 - My song 'French Riviera' was played on BBC RADIO 6 by Tom Robinson.

In May 2012 I was invited on BBC Introducing at BBC Three Counties Radio to talk about my music and they played 'Whispers In The Night'.


Cheer up your day with some empop ;-)

Thank you for listening.


Love empop xxx


EMAIL ME: empop89@hotmail.com




Twitter: @empop89


Youtube: empop89


email: empop89@hotmail.com

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