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Hey guys,

A few months ago I borrowed an intervalometer from a friend, it was a nonbranded model, but it did everything I wanted..and I've been trying to find the same model so I can buy one but he's lost his and doesn't remember.

I remember the main thing that set his apart (we used 3 different ones from friends on the shoot I was on) was that his was able to increase the photo count in blocks. So instead of holding the button forever to get from 348 photos to 578 photos, his you could go to the 4 and click up to 358, 368, 378 then click left the the 3 and go up to 478 578....

I have been browsing the web for soo long and haven't been able to find one that explicitly states that it does this function!

Would love to hear what you guys use :)

Please help me out guys! I need a model compatible with the 5D2.

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