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Rob Redshaw

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i am currently coming to the end of my film degree and for my final piece of work i'm writing a research project about film noir's visual style and how different lighting techniques were used and whether the cinematography is ultimately a character.


I'm looking to speak to directors/cinematographers/photographers/Gaffers who have used visual techniques from film noir and use replies within my project.


(sorry to have to do this on here, i've tried contacting cinematographers directly but i'm just being ignored)



My questions:


why did you decided to get involved with the project that uses film noir cinematic styles?


Why did you use techniques from classic noir?


Which lighting set-ups have you used?


What were the themes within the scene(s) that you used these techniques?


Did you attempt any other lighting set-ups before deciding to use the specific set up for the shoot you were involved in?


Would you consider the cinematography of the project you have worked on to be a character?


For indoor scenes what type of lights/and how many were used to create the visual 'look'?



If you can't answer all the questions thats not a problem, just answers the ones relevant to your project. Also if you could give me details about the project you worked on, or give me a link to the final piece, and your name so i can credit it correctly that would super helpful. If you want to contact me directly, and have the capability on this website (newbie to the forum), please do.


I'm running out time on this project and i will greatly appreciate any responses to the questions. Thank you so much for helping out with this, i look forward to hearing from people.




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