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Canon 6D DCP Flat Projection quality

Paul Bartok

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I'm shooting a low budget short film and I think we can only afford DSLR's but the director wants to finish to DCP 1.85:1

The project will be most likely be shot on the Canon 6D's any one have experience with Canon 6D or similar projected at 1998x1080

which is something like a 4% upscale, but we are talking about H.264 files

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The footage from the 6D will look a bit soft and the colour will be a bit washed out, and black usually wouldn't look black enough etc.

I'm not sure where you located, but do yourself a favour and try to push for a normal cine camera.

For ultra low budget, you could probably get a good deal now days on a RED Scarlet. They are not so popular with the rental houses as oppose to C300/Epic/Alexa etc, so if you're renting for 4 weeks it will make it easier on the rental house to give you a good deal.

Try to remind the director that for an extra 2000$ he/she will have a much better footage to work with. Usually they get convinced at the end. :-)

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