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How to focus with wide angle lens adapters? + Finding out thread size

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I just tried out my new wide conversion lens, Canon C-8, on a movie camera. What I recognized is, that when I focussed properly before putting the conversion lens on, that afterwards everything was blurred out (at max wide you don't see it that much, so this just goes for max tele)... maybe I should tell, that the conversion lens has a differenct thread size than the original lens from the camera (which isn't interchangeable). I don't know if this matters.


So what could be the reason for that? How do I have to focus with it? Have I done anything wrong?


And another question: How can I find out the thread size of the zoom lens, which doesn't have a description (and no information on the internet)? Maybe I am too goofy to google, so I could tell you the designation of it: "Angénieux 9-36 mm f/1.8"

I measured it, but I am not sure if it's 37 or 38 mm ....


I would be glad if I received an answer. :)


Yours sincerely,


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