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FS: PRESTON FI+Z 3 Channel Wireless Remote Control

Duli Diemannsberger

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Up for sale is a Preston 3 Channel Wireless Remote Control System. It was used as a backup System and is in very good condition. The package is ready to shoot. It is located in EU. Asking 12.000,- Euro

1 PRESTON FI+Z Handunit w. Rubbergrip (Sr# 2154)
1 PRESTON FI+Z Transmitter (Sr# 49213)
1 PRESTON Microwave Receiver MR (Sr# MR-1186)
1 PRESTON 3 Channel Motor Driver MDR-1 (Sr# 1327)
2 PRESTON Motor DM1 with 15mm Rod (Sr# 1080, 1079)
1 PRESTON Iris-Extension Unit
2 PRESTON Fast Charger
4 Batteries

2 Motorcables
1 GPI-PRO > MDR PwrCable
1 MDR PwrCable
4 Start/Stop Cable f. different Filmcameras
1 Irisunit > Handunit Cable
1 Handunit > Motordrive Cable
1 Powercable 220V

Brackets, Gears:
2 PRESTON Motor Brackets
2 Distance Disks 15/19mm
1 Bracket MDR > GPI-PRO w 4 Screws
2 15mm Rods f. Dovetail-plate
3 15mm Rods Red
3 15mm Bars blue
2 Gears Fujinon
1 Gear Extension Primelens
1 Gear F Zeiss HS

Accessories & Spares:
2 Receiver Antenna
2 Transmitter Antenna
10 Scalerings
5 Scaledisc Flat
2 Scalebar Flat
1 Neckstrap
1 Accessory Bracket
1 Bag: Receiver Screws
1 Pelicase 1600 Case 62x53x23, 15kg

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