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For screenplay writers - When do you throw away your first draft?

Daniel Mooney

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Hi everyone,

Not sure how many folks are involved in scriptwriting here, but I figure it's worth a shot.

I've been told that after you write your first draft of a screenplay, you throw it away and start fresh.

Now, does that mean your first screenplay ever or would you do that with the seventy-fourth script you've written? I feel like that's aimed more towards that guy who has that one, awesome idea, that goes through film school and spends the entire time writing that script, not someone who constantly writing different scripts at the same time and has already finished a few.

Or is the whole thing bullocks? Maybe an over exaggeration?

Basically I just finished my sixth screenplay, I haven't sold any nor attempted to as the previous five I intended to shoot myself and/save for later. This one I hope to sell. (Yeah I know, fat chance, but hey, a fella's gotta dream once in a while),

Thoughts? Concerns? Frozen Yogurt anyone?



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