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Out Of Order tours in Northern Cali 10/12 10/13

Antonio Broyles

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Monte Zucker Photographic Education Presents the Out of Order tour! In San Jose 10/12 And San Francisco 10/13. Out of Order is a film editing tour that is sponsored by Adobe and Canon and tackles editing from the a non-linear storytelling perspective. It’s taught by Ross Hockrow, an award winning filmmaker, educator and author. The full-day class is split in two parts, a daytime Storytelling Through Editing Workshop, and an evening Editing Techniques seminar.

In the workshop Ross will demonstrate the principles of “show don’t tell,” will teach you to properly time cuts, to “play” with time, and will focus on the very important concept of pacing. Ross will then break down the techniques necessary to effectively edit a conversation; in film editing, conversations represent what editing is in its rawest form. Finally, Ross will teach you the importance of creating a constant feeling of anticipation within the viewer via cut selection, timing, and analyzing which shots have the greatest storytelling impact. All of these techniques are used to make your viewer experience your film instead of just passively watching it.

The seminar begins with an intensive, step-by-step overview of the complete editing process. Ross shows students how to organize and log footage and introduces the concept of the dump timeline, a workflow technique used to create the Narrative Base. The art of the professional cut is explored in detail, focusing on the techniques of L-cutting, cutting on the action, popcorn cutting, and the use of natural and scene-to-scene transitions.


Check out this awesome opportunity to hone your skills or gain a new take on the editing process.

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