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Storytelling and the Editing Process

The Out of Order Tour teaches students how to create captivating films through the editing process by focusing on two key concepts: 1) the use of “out of order” storytelling techniques (non-linear storytelling), and 2) how to make decisions about where pieces go instead of simply how to move them into place. Taught by filmmaker, author, and educator Ross Hockrow, this all-day workshop teaches you how to assemble each moment in your film by integrating storytelling theory with specific, practical editing techniques. Designed for the beginner and intermediate filmmaker, the class shows you how to unlock the full potential of your footage by utilizing the principles of story structure, narrative bases, shot selection, pacing, and the psychological effects of shot placement.

Ross Hockrow is an award-winning filmmaker, innovative educator, and published author. He has directed 6 feature-length indie films and several short films, the latest of which won the audience choice award for the 2013 48hr Film Festival in Providence, RI. Ross started his career as a screenwriter, and several of his screenplays were optioned by major film companies and television networks. His filmmaking abilities stretch beyond narratives and into commercial work, where he was hired by Fortune 500 companies Skype and Expedia to make on-site event films for their annual company conferences.

Ross, an Adobe sponsored speaker, pioneered live filmmaking education with his Get in Motion Tour in 2011—the industry’s first-ever educational workshop tour created exclusively for filmmakers. During the past three years, Ross lectured in over 100 cities during two international tours, and taught platform classes at several major industry tradeshows— appearing at NAB, CES, WPPI, PPA, Photo Video West, Photoshop World, Photo Plus East, and Photo Pro Expo.

The Daytime Storytelling Through Editing Workshop begins with an overview of specific types of stories by outlining types of conflict, variable act structure, and plot structure. Ross will explore the concept of non-linear storytelling—telling a story out of order— and will demonstrate several options for rearranging the order of a film to create a better and more intriguing story. Next, you will explore the concept of how to make the viewer experience a film instead of just passively watching it. Finally, Ross breaks down the techniques necessary to effectively edit a conversation, and the importance of creating a constant feeling of anticipation within the viewer through masterful editing.

The Evening Editing Techniques Seminar begins with an intensive, step-by-step overview of the complete editing process. The art of the professional cut is explored in detail, focusing on the techniques of L-cutting, cutting on the action, popcorn cutting, and the use of natural and scene-to-scene transitions. Ross then demonstrates his technique for achieving perfection in cycles by focusing on a circular editing process, showing how to subtly discover and constantly enhance the rhythm, pace, and emotional tone of your film. Ross will show you how to use audio and will outline the process of choosing and incorporating a soundtrack into your film. To finish the film, Ross will teach students the principle of “cutting out the fat,” the process of applying subtle tweaks to reduce the length but increase the impact of your film.

Daytime Workshops and Evening Seminars take place on the same day, with workshops ($149, up to 100 students) running from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and seminars ($59, up to 200 students) running from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. A combo ticket costs $199 and includes Ross’s book Storytelling Techniques for Digital Filmmakers, a DVD of the Daytime Storytelling Theory workshop, and a take-home editing project.


If interested check out the tour website www.outoforder.com or email antonio@montezucker.com

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