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Lighting interior night in "lights off "room

Dan Vidmar

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Hi all. Getting ready to shoot an apartment bedroom scene that is set at night in a dark room with string lights as the only in-room practical ("lights off" otherwise). The scene is also being shot on a bed against a window with heavy dark curtains. So we are shooting straight into a window. Director's approximate reference for general feel/contrast is :14 - :30 in this clip: search youtube for "dead boyfriend morvern collar", i don't want to post outside links here as i don't think that's encouraged ;)



Our scene is set up much differently than that clip but that's the "feel" she wants.




This is low-budget and we are working mostly with a handful of Arri 1Ks and 650Ws.


My initial plan was to throw a couple 1Ks outside the window at an angle with some CTO/yellow to mimic street lamps. Then fill inside with a 650W gelled similarly to mimic the rooms reflections of the outside light, OR take that 650W and gel it the same color as the practical string lights to imply that they are providing most of the light in the room.


Could use some help though. Thanks!

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