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Kodak 5222 Example (Raffertie Music Video)

Evan Prosofsky

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Hey guys,


Awhile back I was asking questions about 5222 and the use of color filters. Here's the end result. 5222 2k/scan by the lovely colorist arnold ramm. shot with super speeds 18mm and 32mm mostly, around a 5.6 during day and a 1.3 for interiors. Some outdoor scenes used a red filter. Thats about it!


Found the film to be absolutely lovely in the way the highlights blew out because of the absence of the anti halation backing. Got some cool flares from what I presume to be bounce back from the gate of the arri 435 as well (our gate was not painted matte black but is silver).



https://vimeo.com/68155252 Raffertie "Build Me Up" dir. Vincent Haycock




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Looks great! Very interesting you choose to shoot this on 5222. The grain looks so like..well..grainy...which to me in 2013 looks a bit like 7218 level or even more grainy...after seeing so many super clean Alexa and RED footage this looks (to my eyes) much more organic.


What did you use for lights? Seems like very minimalistic kit.


Also, what speeds where u shooting for slow motion and what iso you rated it?




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