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Critique my Lighting


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Hi Everybody at the www.cinematography.com Forum,

Thank you for everybody's wise words and great advice, I have come on a great amount since I have started following this forum. I have just finished a short film (about 35 minutes in duration) for my 3rd, and Final, year in University. I am studying 'Film & Television Production' in the UK and would love any creative/constructive criticism that people have so that I can improve/gain some skills. This is my first short film i have lit myself.

Here is a trailer that our group have produced, i'm looking for advice to do with lighting rather than trailer editing (as I only had partial input on this). Obviously it goes without saying we don't have copyright for the songs used but this is okay for our module:

This was shot on a 5D mk II (as is commonplace for student films).

Many, many thanks for the time taken to watch the trailer and provide feedback.

All the Best,

Jonny Treherne

P.S. I apologise that this is a re-post but I believe this is the more relevant thread.

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Hey Jonny,


Not bad at all and you said this is your first film you lit yourself? That's very promising.


Before I let you know what I think please note that this is just my humble opinion :)


I really think you're in the right track. Some DPs shoot their first film and you know they're going to need a lot of work to improve their craft. I think you got great instincts on where to put the light. The only thing I would say is that, although it's decent lighting, it's quite safe, NOT boring, just safe so it'll be hard to stand out from the growing number of DPs.


I'd be curious to see what you come up next :)


- Mark

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