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Moscowphoto Konvas 35mm

Clive Alex

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Good camera, loud though. It's strictly MOS unless you use a Barney and even then, you'll need to shoot outside with the camera set back aways or use software to clean up the noise the camera makes. There is no registration pins but even so the images are good but I wouldn't use it for FX work. These were originally designed as news cameras and the Soviets were very particular about their propaganda so they are tough, well made cameras with little in the way of bells and whistles. The came in a 3 lens turret configuration with OCT-18 mount lenses which were rip offs of the Arri Standard mount only a little bigger, or their OCT-19 which is a rip off and a BNCR mount (The Russians ripped off the west a LOT. The Kinor 35 H and C were basically a stolen Moviecam SuperAmerica with a Mitchell movement You ought to see their near perfect Arri 2 C rip off) There was a turret wild version, the KSR-1 which had a six volt motor, a hand crank that worked for poop, a single frame animation crank and a VERY RARE spring motor. That's the one I have along with a small set of 2 piece anamorphic lenses and a full set of OCT-18 lenses. Then there was the "Stabilize" motor version for sound sync which was kinda odd as the Russian ADR ed everything. Many of these motors were rebuilt, dumping the truly shitty Soviet electronics for modern electronics. (The same was done with the Kinors as Soviet electronics REALLY sucked.) The lenses were mostly made by LOMO though high end glass was made as some of the more elite factories. They are softer and warmer than most modern lenses but perfectly usable with less of that harshness of razor sharp modern glass. They're a good first camera for 35mm work. Arri 2 c's are better from mechanical standpoint but NOTHING can beat the tank like durability of the little Konvas!

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