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Studio liquidation, Nassau County NY

Carol Anne

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Selling all-

Everything in studio must be sold.
over 20 4x4 flags- solids/nets/etc-
18x24 flags w/ cart assorted sizes over 30 cart included
2 4x4 steel reflectors
over 50 appleboxes
All sandbags/with muscle cart
All the b-board-assorted sizes- over 10
car mount
ring light
3 mole richardson - old lighting- huge lighting
7- ) 2K, 4K super mole quartz
crate of various tape
canvas bin w/ sash
wood shimis- 4/5 crates
8x8,12x12,20x20 griff
(there is a bin full)
2- 12x12 single nets
duvetyn rolls- cloth- all black cloth
gels- by lot- over 100 rolls all assorted

All lighting as is:
5-7 HMI's 1200, 2K, 5K- ballast, header cable
6- 2k moles- if you take all lighting-
200 cinepars (2)
mini kino kit for car shoots
quart lights 6-8 units
collector item movieola dolly
2 blondes
3 lekos/
2 1K
all barndoors/scrims included
short cart /long cart
large assortment of bulbs
old editing consoles
c-stand cart- all c stands are gone

extension cords/bates for tie ins- thousands of feet/camlock

text for more information and immediate answer 516-695-4948

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