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Lomo Squarefront Anamorphic - Help!


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Hey Guys,


I'm new to this forum and was keen to seek advise in regards to a Lomo anamorphic lens I recently purchased.


I brought a Lomo Squarefront Anamorphic lens a few months back for my BMCC MFT camera (based on some of the great visuals I'd seen across an array of creative videos) but I can't seem to figure out how to correctly align the focus on both the Squarefront and the 75mm lens when both are attached.


I've since purchased an Alphatron EVF and Oct-18 adapter for my BMCC in order to use and have read that focusing both could be tricky, but was wondering if there was anyone who had a similar issue and any best practises they could share?


The model for both are below and I've also attached an image of the lens set-up.


LOMO OKC1-75-1


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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If they are correctly adjusted you should be able to focus just once. Notice the couple lock between both lenses that will move the focus ring on both lenses together.


What is your OCT-18 to M4/3 looks like? There are two types of them, the cheaper one usually doesn't support anamorphic lenses. You need to get one like this.

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