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Nalcom Synchro zoom FTL super-8 800/600

Michel Mohr

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I'm selling my Nalcom Synchro zoom FTL super-8 camera.
I'm not clean on if it's the professional 800 or 600.

I've tested all that I could, the automatic zoom works, aperture shifts with light levels, and I hear sounds coming from the film when I record, so I assume that works as well.
The glass is perfect.

Besides the camera this includes:

Shinkor zoom 6.5-65mm f1.8
Shinkor close-up lens with leather case
SLR-lens adapter (m42) with leather case
3 flare caps

Soligor MK-10A flash

Two pistol handles
shoulder holder / strap

Leather case
Manual is great condition

Detailed photos can be found here: http://s3.photobucket.com/user/michel000/library/Super-8%20Nalcom

The easiest way to contact me is probably email me at fuse.core@hotmail.com


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