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FS: Panasonic DVX100B + 35mm Adapter, LCD monitors +

T Sanders

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I'm selling my Panasonic DVX100B with a number of other items included. I'm asking $800 for everything.


Fast & Free shipping is included.


Ebay Listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/171360606558



1 - Panasonic DVX100B
2 - Batteries
1 - Battery charger with one cord to the outlet and the other to the camera
1 - Automatic Pan/Tilt head with remote control
1 - Forearm camera stabilizer
1 - Cavison rail system
1 - Remote control
1 - LCD Widescreen Magnifier (I'm not sure why they call it this, it's really just a sun shade)
1 - Static 35mm adapter with 50mm Nikon Lens and small pelican case. (the diopter lens is loose but it does not affect the usage of the adapter)
2 - LCD Monitors (one is an IKAN), There is no power cable for the second monitor. The IKAN runs off the Panasonic batteries and comes with a plastic adapter for this purpose.
3 - Neoprene lens bags
These items are free with this package and may not work. I've never tested them.:
Lanc Controller
Amico Wireless Mic
Lowell Light
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