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American Cinematographer Announces Changes to Editorial Staff

Sue Smith

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Longtime Editor Stephen Pizzello Assumes Dual Roles


The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) has appointed Stephen Pizzello to serve as editor-in-chief and publisher of its flagship magazine American Cinematographer. Other editorial appointments include the promotions of Jon Witmer to managing editor, and Rachael Bosley to managing director of the ASC's website (theasc.com) and social media channels. Andrew Fish has been brought on to serve as associate editor, and Kelly Brinker is the magazine's new photo editor.

The ASC Board promoted Pizzello from his previous position as executive editor, a title he held for 19 years. During Pizzello's tenure as executive editor, American Cinematographer earned six Folio: Editorial Excellence Awards ("Eddies"), 10 Maggie Awards, and dozens of Maggie nominations. As a writer, he has earned two Eddie Awards, a Maggie Award and six other Maggie nominations.

Witmer previously fulfilled the role of associate editor, and Bosley was a senior editor. Fish is an independent blogger for The Huffington Post and a former staff editor at Venice magazine. Brinker is a photography instructor and former photojournalist.

Now in its 95th year, American Cinematographer is one of the entertainment industry's oldest monthly print journals. Its mission is to "serve filmmakers by exploring the artistic thought processes of the film industry's most innovative and talented directors of photography, and explaining the technical means by which they realize their creative visions, whether on film, video, or with computers." In fulfilling those goals, the magazine "seeks to keep readers abreast of advancements in all facets of motion-picture imaging technology - the tools cinematographers use to ply their trade - and to inform them of visually extraordinary productions, including feature films, television shows, commercials and music videos."

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I really thought about applying for that (did a few stories for them round the turn of the century), but heard you're not allowed to freelance for other related mags. With that in mind, the money would have only come to what I make with my day job and my freelance work, but have to stretch to living in L.A. and driving in L.A. Far cry from 5mile round trip to work and three-figure rents.

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