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StoryFlow - easy and powerful shot list app

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Create flexible shotlists for your next film with StoryFlow – available now on iOS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Designed for directors and cinematographers working on independent and short films, the StoryFlow app lets you create lists of scenes and shots for an unlimited number of movies. Now you need never miss that important shot.

Features include:

* Easily reorder shots.

* Create ‘shoot days’ and add shots to each, so you know which shots you need to get on which day.

* When you’ve added all the shots for a scene, you can lock them. At that point, each shot has a fixed shot number. (Unlock at any time.) You can still reorder the shots according to the order in which you're going to shoot them, but the numbers won't change.

* Number shots alphabetically (1A, 1B, 1C, etc) or numerically (1.1, 1.2, 1.3) – useful if you’re using some types of recorder, such as the Atomos Ninja.

* View shots by the order in which they appear in the script, or in the order you want to shoot them on the day.

* Create a new project by importing a Final Draft (.fdx) script via Dropbox. StoryFlow automatically creates the lists of scenes and shots straight from the script.

* Export a Production (project) via email – for other people to import, or to use on another device. Exports include all data and images. Importing a Production file is done via Dropbox.

* Add a photo to each shot for simple storyboarding. You can shoot a picture on your device or choose one from your photo library.

* Mark each shot as ‘done’ while you’re shooting, for a quick check of your progress through the day.

* Set highlight colours for productions and scenes – for example, to indicate the status of each.

* Export your shotlists (in either script or shoot order) to a spreadsheet file and send via email – to your crew or yourself.

* User-definable shot types (CU, MS etc) and lenses. Build and use these lists across all productions. You can also export them (via email) for use on other devices running StoryFlow.

StoryFlow was created by film-makers for film-makers.

All features are included in the one-off price of $7.99 - no in-app purchase or subscription required.

Go to: http://www.zolascope.com/storyflow (where you'll find full online instructions) or find the app in Apple's iOS App Store at: http://bit.ly/storyflow.

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