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Jacob A Hauser

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Hello all,


I've recently pulled the trigger on a camera cart as I have a shoot coming up where having one would be extremely helpful. Rather than go the route of a modified Magliner (for cost reasons at the moment) I found a great local deal on a brand new Rubbermaid 4546 cart with 8" pneumatic tires.


I'm a DIY'er at heart. I love making something work for me through my own efforts. For the past few days I have been looking for a resouce as to what mods others have done with this kind of cart and I haven't find very much. I visited the Backstage Equipment site and found very few accessories for the Rubbermaid as compared to the Magliners. I understand that the Magliner and/or metal camera carts are much sturdier and modifications to these carts are not suited to my plastic cart unless I put a metal skeleton on it.


Modifications I have considered are: carpeting the shelves, handle modification to make it shorter so it can fit in my car standing up, sliding drawer for tools under top shelf (which is an add on from Rubbermaid).


What I'm looking for are any thoughts or experiences you all have had with these carts, any mods that are a must in your opinion or maybe even some specialty ones. Pictures would be helpful but any information I can get is awesome. Help me build the best DIY camera cart!

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Some of the nicer carts I have seen, which are modified rubbermaids, have nicely finished wooden lids that lift up with one or 2 17' Sony or 15" TV logic monitors mounted to the inside of the lid. They have all their small gear, AJA boxes Decimator Quad Spits, mounted inside a clear acrylic with a small fan for ventilation.


For the cart I would recommend having a way to mount some sort of receiver. Have all the wiring done really nicely with patch bays. I would also recommend getting a nice power supply that can handle all the gear including monitors off of an IEC cable. And have one or two 4 pin XLR DC ins and/or gold mounts for dc power. Power strip for small batteries (for iphone charger, preston batteries, laptop). Mixer style goosneck light. Hooks for BNC cables.

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