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BMPCC PL mount on a Metabones speedbooster?

Twan Peeters

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Hey there,


I own a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera with a Metabones Speedbooster on it. Now I am a lucky man, because I am able to get my hands on a set of Zeiss Superspeeds Mark 1 & 2 glass, which I would love to use on my BMPCC for shooting fiction films.


I know it is possible to buy a PL mount for the BMPCC MFT mount to PL, but how does this work with the Speedbooster in between? The speedbooster converts the MFT mount to Canon EF, and reduces the crop factor to 1.7. Would it work nicely if I just buy a EF to PL mount adapter now and put that on my speedbooster? Or would this create focus issues? How could I make this work?


Thanks for your help in advance! :)





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Hey Twan,


In the instance of using PL glass on the Pocket, you'd skip the Speedbooster. The Superspeeds are for 16mm if I'm not mistaken, so the focal lengths will more than cover your range without need for a booster.


Wooden Camera has a PL setup that plays nice with their cage.


Good luck! Should be a fun combo.

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Any PL mount that is not shimmable should be avoided for professional work.


Few mounts are properly shimmable, and shimming requires expensive test equipment. This service runs about $100-$150 on average from a professional rental or lens service facility.


We have solved this problem by performing the shim service for free on any mount purchased directly from Hot Rod Cameras. As the inventor of the PL mount adapter for MFT cameras, and the source of the PL mount adapters to professional motion picture rental houses world wide- my company knows a little something about this.

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