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Gif Making

Gabe Phillips

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I presume you mean an animated GIF.

The freeware video editor Avidemux allows you to save video clips as a string of still images (either JPEG or Bitmapped).

You can then use a separate program to convert your selected images to an animated GIF.

I normally use Adobe Photo-Paint to convert stills to animated GIFs, as it allows lots of tricks to cut down the file size.

However, there are numerous freeware packages available that can also do this, with varying degrees of efficiency.

if you GOOGLE animated gif maker freeware you'll turn up lots of them, but I've never used any recent ones.

However I used to have a freeware package about 10 years ago that produced pretty good results; I would imagine things have moved on from there.

Be warned: use as few frames per second as is possible, otherwise your files will be gigantic :lol:

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