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Kodak B/W Reversal Bleach - Part C replenisher necessary??

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So, I recently got a case of Kodak Black and White Reversal bleach Parts A and B to process some Kodak TRI-X 7266. I'm guessing this is the actual bleach, and Part C is the replenisher which I didn't get because I don't user replenishers for developers, fixers, clearing baths, etc.


When I looked at the box instructions on how to prepare 20 gallons of bleach and replenisher, it said to first prepare 15 gallons of water, then add Parts, A, B, and two bottles of C then top it off to 20 gallons.


Question: is Part C absolutely necessary? If not, then when preparing 20 gallons of bleach, how much should it be topped off to after just putting Parts A and B?


Thanks in advance for any input.




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