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WHAT: 2015 Cine Gear Expo ACES Panel

WHEN: Saturday, June 6th, 10:15 to 11:30AM

WHERE: Sherry Lansing Theater, Paramount Studios


After years of research and development, ACES 1.0 has arrived. ACES enables DPs and directors to preserve the on-set creative intent and carry it into dailies, editorial, VFX, the DI and on into archiving. It does this, in large part, by addressing many of the long-standing color management issues facing today’s productions.

Hear from hands-on filmmakers and technologists how ACES came into being, why it is important and how it impacts the creative and practical production process. Gain insight into how ACES can help simplify workflows, solve color reproduction issues on a wide range of displays, facilitate the integration of footage from multiple camera models and lenses, and provide a single color management standard.


Curtis Clark, ASC - director of photography; chairman, ASC Technology Committee; recipient, AMPAS Scientific and Technical Achievement Award (ASC-CDL); recipient, ASC Presidents Award

Theo van de Sande, ASC - director of photography Award; nominee, 2014 ASC Award (“Deliverance Creek”)

Bobby Maruvada - digital imaging technician and colorist

John Daro - digital intermediate colorist, FotoKem (“Deliverence Creek”)

Ray Feeney - ACES Project Committee co-chair, AMPAS


Mark Weingartner – VFX director of photography; chair, ICG National Training Committee; member, ASC Technology Committee

Presented by ICG and ASC Technology Committee, in cooperation with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

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This is indeed an interesting step for motion picture imaging. When I was at the ASC Master Class, Curtis Clark, ASC gave the last lecture of the week. He made an interesting observation that ACES could possibly breathe some life back into the medium of film.


I guess we will see...

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