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Arri Macro Set Vs Cooke S4s + Diopters (& 135 cooke macro)


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I have a set of Cookes (S4s) with a 135 macro T2 in the set. Nice lens, but the range of Macro shots I need to do I think is beyond this lens. However - they can only afford one full set. There are some options - use Arri Macros (not Masters, ultras, or super speeds - I know them only as Arri Macros), there are a full set of the macros available. - But director wants to know if we use these what are they like compared to the cookes (which he likes) I can't tell him because I have never used the Arri Macro set. What to do, stick with the Cookes and the 135, plus get in some diopters to get the shot. Or go with the Arri set of Macros. The question really is what is more beautiful? I have never seen the Arri's - also there will be no time / option on a test. Any advice? Would love to see examples of Arri Macro set if there are any out there.


Thanks all.

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Hi Neirin,


I shot this test a long time ago with the Arri Macros: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjdtJw74.


I have a feeling your Cooke Macro would be sharper. Maybe you can get the Zeiss Master Diopters? I believe they are doublets and are corrected for chromatic abberation unlike standard single element diopters. You would just need a 110-114mm adaptor or retaining ring for your S4 lenses.


P.S. Forgot to mention that the Arri Macros have a compensating T stop that actually closes down for you as you turn the focus ring closer (you have to manually open them back up when adjusting focus back toward infinity). So while all of my test shots are done wide open, the actual stop differs depending on where the focus ring was set.

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Hi Satsuki,



Very helpful advice as always. Thanks man, great to see the frames from the Arris, I haven't managed to find anything online to reference them.

I got some advice form some friends who suggested I go with the Cookes and diopters for the best results.


I will try and post some of the results for people when I get the frames back next week sometime.

Any other examples of either Cooks with diopters or Arri Macros out there would be appreciated.

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