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How to output different signals out of a red dragon

davide sorasio

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Hi everybody, sorry for the silly question but I'm way more familiar with ALEXAs than with the epic/dragon family. I was wondering if on the dragon there's a way to send different signals on different monitors, like in the Alexa. By that I mean the possibility of having the director seeing the LUT/REC 709 in the director's monitor and the DP the RAW in the EVF/on board monitor for example. I've been playing with the DONNA app but I cannot figure it out.

Thanks so much in advance for the help,

Davide Sorasio

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Pretty sure this is only possible on the latest firmware under:


Settings > Look > Independent Display LUT


I think currently you can only choose to look at either Redlogfilm or Redgamma 3 or 4, not a user provided LUT. You can use an external LUT box with the Redlogfilm SDI output if you need to send a a customized LUT to video village.

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ah ok! Looking in the different options in the DONNA App I do not see anything like that, it might not have been updated to the last firmware. So in simple words you are saying that the director and the Dp are probbaly gonna look at the same image?


(on a side note I'd like to know your opinion on another question I have on another post that I really cannot figure out http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=68511 )



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No, if the camera you are using has the latest firmware with the Independent Display LUT menu then you should be able to send Redlogfilm to the LCD and Redgamma out of the SDI if that's what you want. If you're using older firmware, then the gamma setting you select in-camera will apply to all the video outputs so everyone sees the same thing.


Kar Wai has already answered your Bartech question in more detail than I could provide!

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