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The Experience Machine

Will Barber

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Password: experience


Here's a short I shot last year. Used Blackmagic Pocket, with Metabones Speedbooster to Nikon Lenses. Tokina 11-16, Nikon 17-35 f/2.8, Nikon 50 f/1.8, Nikon 85 Tilt/Shift (no regular 85 available). The slow motion was done on the Sony FS700 with Zeiss CP2, a 35 and 50 I think.

The reason I'm posting is that this film just got its first film festival honor for best screenwriting, and I thought you all might enjoy watching it. It's been a while since it was finished and even longer since it was shot, so I've had plenty of time to meditate on my decisions/self-criticize, and I'd be interested to hear what you personally like and dislike about the style I used and what I did. I know a lot of what I'd do differently; some things I wish I had thought of on set, others were beyond my capability at the time, and still others are purely hindsight from knowledge I've gained since filming this. So again, really any thoughts you have about this film I'd be really grateful to hear. I hope you enjoy it! I think it's a pretty enjoyable, quirky little film.

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