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LOMO Lens SET 18mm, 28mm, 35mm, 75mm T2,2 PL mount

Martin Sacha

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I am selling part of my private lens collection. these are spherical lens T2,2 made in Soviet union. Typically warm, with very nice warm flers.

I love older lens against new MP, UP. When I use MP or UP with Alexa or RED, it is so technical and clean. These older lens produce so nice texture, organic look. Even I mostly have budget for Masterprimes or Ultraprimes, I go very often with Lomos, spherical or anamorphic.


18mm T3,1 OKC5-18-1 ser. 860132

28mm T2,2 OKC7-28-1 ser. 800119

35mm T2,2 OKC11-35-1 ser. 820375

75mm T2,2 OKC6-75-1 ser. 890150



Focus ring on 75mm can be changed to black by Elox process.



even the housing is different style, the picture look is the same. Russians just made different housings in different years...


Fantastic lens in very good condition.


More pictures in better quality http://picsurge.com/g/E51PV8



Price 4750 USD (or euro equivalent) +shipping 100USD. Shipping worldwide. Located in Prague.



You get great value for very good price. I can manage 50mm and 22mm to make big set.







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