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I`d like to show you my showreel version of an indiefilm I did some time ago. We had a whole budget of about 300.000 EURO (330000 USD) and five weeks of shooting. Camera: RedOne / Lenses: Zeiss HS. Shot in Germany. I had total freedom to visualize the film the way I saw the story. In the end the producers have found a ww distributor. All in all a very nice experience. Will appreciate your comments.





Thank you. OLI

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You have some nicely-lit frames that are definitely worth included in your reel, but as it stands - at a whopping 7 minutes & 33 seconds - it feels as though you've turned this into your own personal music video. Don't take this the wrong way, but if that were my film and I saw it on the internet, I'd be extremely aggravated because you have essentially re-directed the film.


I also think that turning this into a kind of short film keeps anyone from appreciating your photograph skills. Wait until you have enough projects, then take the best shots from this film and put then on your reel. I especially liked the ones with the shafts of light.

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Hy Bill, thank you for your comments. In the past I used to edit different versions of showreels from my work, longer, shorter, combined. And there always have been different ways of positive critiques from people, some liked them more, others less. I understand your argument regarding “my own short” - thankfully I know the director doesn`t see it the same way as you :-) - but it was never meant to be that way. As far as that film is a 100 min long feature, my goal focused on showing the consistency of my visual language to other directors and filmmakers. Sometimes I find it hard to figure out a DP`s skills while watching short clips of work. Maybe I`m wrong. But I really like to thank you for the time you`ve taken to watch my work. I really appreciate it! Best! OLI

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