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Phantom Micro LC320S High Speed

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Hello all, For sale is a Phantom MICRO LC320 Package, $41,000 Firm.

Phantom MIRO LC320, Color 12GB Memory, PL or EF mount (your choice)

1 Top Handle Assembly - Miro (2 Parts)

2 I-Plate for Miro IPLATE

1 Rosette Bar for Miro

1 Cine-Style Riser for Miro

4 Swit S-8U62 DV Battery

1 Sony BC-U2 Dual Battery Charger

1 Phantom Cineflash Reader/Dock, ESATA Connection To PC CINEDOCK

1 Cine Dock Power Supply

1 12-pin Fischer to 6-BNC Capture Cable for Phantom Miro Camera. F12CMP

1 ESATA cable. ESATA

1 XLR 4-pin to DC Miro Adapter Power Cable EXXLRDC

1 Phantom PCU Control Box PCUBOX

1 Breakout Box for Miro MIROBOB

1 Frezzi FPS-100-12A Power Supply for MiroBob

1 Fischer 8-pin to Ethernet Phantom Cable F8CMP

1 BNC to Lemo 2-pin Phantom Remote Trigger Cable

1 Remote on/off (Pickle switch) for Phantom HD/65 PHRMT

Dell Precision Mobile M4600, Genuine Windows® 7 Professional, No

Media, 64-bit, English

1 Laptop Case for Phantom Kit DELLCASE

1 Phantom Cineflash Memory Module, 60GB

1 Pelican iM 2750 Storm Case

1 Phantom Cineflash Memory Module, 120GB

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