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Magic Bullet Looks and preimary CC workflow

Casey Danielson

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Would someone please share tips on working with Magic Bullet Looks?


I usually start with my primary color-correction—balancing my Luma scopes, RGB parade and vectorscope in Final Cut Pro X—but would like to grade in Magic Bullet Looks. Does it make sense to do my primary CC *at all* beforehand if I know I’m going to use Magic Bullet Looks for grading afterward? Some people say, when using MBL, you should wait to dial in your scopes as the last step. Thanks for your thoughts! 100160-sc7-750x439.jpg?a03ba5

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Looks is simply a plugin for your NLE. Personally, it depends on what material you're working with. There is also a difference between color correction and color grading.


Color correction is used to 'correct' clips or to get them into a standard tone. Grading is used to achieve final results or particular looks. These need to be done in different steps.


For correction, you don't need Looks at all. In fact, using looks as a correction tool is a mistake. If starting from raw footage, you need to first add a LUT to bring the raw to REC 709, and then play around with your NLE's color tools to match the color tones between the clips. Resolve has a much easier feature for this, and I'd suggest doing all color work in Resolve.


For grading, you can use what you want. I use Resolve with the Red Giant plugin set to achieve the looks.

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