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The Ultimate Vintage Lens Test

Brent Barbano

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Hey guys, my company, ShareGrid, teamed up with Duclos Lenses and Old Fast Glass to build an incredibly large lens test. 8 sets of lenses, 40 lenses, 79 test videos. All under the same control, same lighting, same set up. And you can watch up to 4 test videos side-by-side at any time!


Check it out!



ARRI / Zeiss Master Primes (as our benchmark)

Canon K-35s (TLS Rehoused)

Cooke Speed Panchros

Kowa Cine Prominars

Leica Rs (G.L Optics Cine-Mod)

Lomo Round-Front Anamorphics

Nikon AI-S (Duclos Cine-Mod)

Zeiss Super Speeds MKIII


You can find stats, a bokeh chart, testimonials, and other information as well as a 4x video player for all 79 test videos of these lenses. I attached the bokeh chart for fun.


I hope this is helpful for some of you as I know it's been helpful for me and my colleagues.

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