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Hi! I'm selling my personal panchros. I have the full 7 lens set. Paul Duclos left me a message saying the 7 lens set is one of the best sets he's seen. I have the lens report and it's great. If you are interested I can share the report with you. Colin at Duclos knows about the set and agrees they are great. This set is a perfect candidate for rehousing. I am also selling the 203mm telepanchro mint and I own two 317mm telepanchros both in great shape. I enhanced the photos in Lightroom so you can see the dust / minor imperfections.


Photos of the full 7 lens set HERE - I'll be posting photos of the telepanchros soon. Thanks!


18mm Ser III - Mint, some dust

25mm Ser III - great condition, dust

32mm Ser II - great condition, aperture ring needs tightening

40mm Ser II - Excellent condition, dust

50mm Ser II - Good condition, need to be cleaned, but good to go

75mm Ser II - Excellent condition, some cleaning marks, no yellowing

100mm Ser II - Good condition, needs to be polished due to some cleaning marks, no yellowing


All Arri Standard mounts ... Price 25k


203mm Telepanchro - Mint, little bit of dust ....Price 5k


317mm, light cleaning marks, no haze, some dust, arri standard mount....Price 6k....bump 5.5k


317mm, mint, light dust, no haze...Price 7k....bump 6.5k

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