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Lighting a small chapel on a budget

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Hi there,

I have a film coming up with a scene that takes place in a chapel. The chapel is not very big (roughly 45 feet x 15 feet) and has wooden shutters for windows which will be open. The challenge is that we shooting the entire day in this location but story wise this scene happens over 30 minutes. The back of the chapel faces north so the sun rises on the one side of the church and sets on the other - see floor plan with sun path. If budget and time was not a problem I would tent the windows and bring in lights to recreate the sun streaming through. I am looking to create a moody soft directional feel where there is some contrast happening in the shot.


Just wondering if there are any budget friendly solutions your side where I would be able to maintain a soft directional light sources coming from one side of the church (east or west) through the windows? As it stands now I could use the sun, put it through silk and it would look great for a few hours but not enough to make our day.


Let me know if you got any ideas?

Many thanks,


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