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So I was watching some clips from Nigella Lawson’s most recent cooking show, At My Table, which aired on BBC Two in the UK, and I’m kind of torn between it looking gorgeous and there being just too much bokeh. Sometimes it felt like there was just too much of it and that the field of sharp focus was just too small. There could be, I think, a limit after which it’s just to painful for the eyes to watch.






These clips are probably only visible for those in the UK.


Perhaps these YouTube ones might work – YouTube will suggest other clips from the show:



The cinematography was handled by Robin Fox, just as it was in the previous show,


He seems like such a great guy in this little video about how Simply Nigella was shot and lit:





(When I was watching him speak, I was reminded of Prince William: they both seem to have this particular way of shaping their lips when talking. Don’t know if that’s something that a certain [tiny] part of the UK population do.)


EDIT: Oh, no! How does this happen?! Somehow part of the title got clipped off: the title should be “Is there such a thing as ‘too much bokeh’”?

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Whew, that was a relief. :D I thought people would rile up against me. I seriously had a bit of an issue with the effect at times, especially if the recipe was shot at night (or perhaps I should write “night”). It’s definitely not wrong, but perhaps I would’ve preferred a tiny bit larger depth of field.

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