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David Steel

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Hi Everyone!


I am selling my Preston FIZ3 3 channel remote focus kit. I have owned this for the past couple of years. And it has always been used only by myself, It has never been dry hired. It has worked flawlessly through that time and I have never had an issue with this reliable kit.


I purchased this as a Preston FIZ II Kit, but upgraded it to the FIZ3 handset and also sent the MDR back to PCS to get the Blue dot G4 upgrade and also to be serviced. (I can provide the receipt if needed)


The Handset is 1 1/2 years old and also the Heden M21VE-L motor is only 2 years old as well. All the other equipment is a bit older but still works perfectly, as I have always taken great care of this kit.


Im Looking for $17,000 USD but I am also open to reasonable offers.


In the Kit for sale



1x FI+Z 3 Handset (#2803)

5x Premarked Disks (A,B,C,D,E in Imperial)

6x Blank Disks


Microforce Digital 2

1x Microforce Digital 2 (serial #D25274)

1x Handset to MF Bracket



1x Preston DM1 (#1791)

1x Preston DM2 (#2483)

1x Heden M21VE-L (#M21VE-3849)

5x Heden Gears 0.4,0.5,0.6,0.8,0.8 wide

7x Preston Gears 1x0.4 2x0.5 2x0.6 2x0.8

Misc screws for gears etc



1x MDR-2 G4 Bluedot with 4pin serial port (#1192)

1x MDR-2 Cheese plate (Kar Wai Ng)



4x Motor Cables (3x R/A to R/A 1x R/A to Straight)

1x Cinetape Interface Cable

2x Microforce to Handset Cables

1x D-Tap Power

2x R/S 3pin Power cables

3x R/S 3pin Camera Run Cables

1x Moviecam Camera Run Cable

1x Panavision Camera Run Cable

1x Serial to USB cable



2x 19mm Hill Brackets

2x 15mm Hill Brackets

2x 5/8' Hill Brackets

4x Hill D-clamp Bracket slider

4x Hill/Preston motor Rosetts

2x 15mm/19mm Colett

3x 5/8"/19mm Colett

2x 15mm/19mm Preston Dogbones



5x Sony NP-50 Batteries

1x Watson Two Bay Charger

1x Single Bay Charger



1x Nanuk 945 Black Hardcase



1x PLC fstop wireless WIFI

1x D-tap Power Cable

1x Panavision Power Cable

Im also throwing in the F-stop wireless iris as well as I have not used it and it came with the original kit. I believe you can download the 'wireless iris' app and control a motor through your phone.



This kit is located in New Zealand. I don't mind shipping it to anywhere in the world. Purchaser pays for shipping.


Payment through Paypal is best.


I also have higher res photo files if needed, I can email them to you.


If you have any questions or would like to get hold of me please contact me through email at



Many thanks,


David Steel






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