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Matching Day for Night to Night for Night

Hannah Getz

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I have the spectacular challenge, due to budget, of attempting to match day for night to our night for night footage. I have a feeling this will end up being a sad time in the DI where my night for night is graded to look more like day for night, but what can you do.


My biggest concern is matching quality of light as best I can. I know the rule of thumb is generally to get some spots of day light light while avoiding the sky. Some of the matches will be for ECUs which I'm not as concerned with, but the wider matches are what I fear the most.


Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!


I've attached some ungraded lo res stills.







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Im very curious to see anybodys suggestions for this.


Personally, I dont really see how it can be done. You would need an enormous amount of negative to create that level of contrast in daytime conditions.


If the budget issue is due to renting a big genny/condor/big fixtures, maybe a different approach would be to scale back the coverage to tighter frames and rent a smaller genny/lighting package to only cover those frames.


Godspeed, its quite a challenge you face. Please fill us in on how it went.

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