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Arri UMC-4 and power start/stop cables UMC4

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Arri UMC-4 unit in very good condition with power + start/stop cables.

Kit includes:

- K2.0002058 / ARRI UMC-4 LDS Universal Motor Controller

- K2.0001967 / ARRI L-Bracket for Select Electronic Control Systems (included but not in picture)

- K2.0002007 / ARRI Straight Outdoor Antenna for UMC-4 Motor Controller

- K2.0002682 / ARRI SMC/EMC/AMC to D-Tap Cable (1.6')

- K2.0002855 / ARRI UMC-4 to RED Epic Camera Cable (1.6')

- K2.0002919 / ARRI UMC-4 to LANC Camera Connector Cable (1.6')

- K2.0002620 / ARRI UMC-4 to Sony F5/F55 and Panasonic Varicam 35 Camera Connector Cable (1.6')

- K2.0005951 / ARRI UMC-3/4 to ALEXA EXT Connector Cable


Buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping.

Ships from Montreal, Canada.



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