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FS: Sachter DV-8/100 SB head with ENG 2 D aluminum legs

kenny dixon

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Selling my Sachtler DV-8/100 SB fluid head with Sachtler ENG 2 D 2-Stage aluminum legs and SP100 ground level spreader. While this head has been discontinued by Sachtler (B&H offers the FSB10 head as the current equivalent and currently sells that head with the ENG 2 D legs for $3263.00) I have to say that both the legs and the head are in incredibly good condition with little signs of physical wear. All of the parts work as they should. The legs should have a retractable cable for binding the legs during transport, but the cable has been missing since I bough this whole package.

The package I am selling also includes the quick release plate with mounting screws, handle and I will throw in the Vinten brand soft carrying case as well.

Head: Sachtler DV-8/100 SB

The DV8/100 SB Fluid Head, with its payload of 26.4 lbs, offers high-precision and extremely fast counterbalance. The 'SB' in the DV-8SB stands for SpeedBalance - it has a 12-step indexed counterbalance system for fast, repeatable setups. Similar to larger filmic fluid heads, it features 5-step fluid drag, a self-illuminated Touch Bubble for leveling with the 100mm half-ball base, and tap holes for mounting cine-style finder supports.

In addition to finer counterbalance graduation, SpeedBalance heads also have an increased payload range, including a reduction in minimum payload, this makes them ideal for cameras ranging from lightweight camcorders to broadcast and digital cinema cameras, along with accessories. The DV 8/100 SB has a 100mm half-ball base for easy leveling.

With all these new developments, Sachtler has continued to follow its secret of success step switching. It allows camera operators to optimally balance the fluid head and camera in no time at all. While stepless systems often require time-consuming adjustments by trial and error, graduated-step counterbalance gives you perfect set-ups on demand.

• Indexed Counterbalance and Fluid Drag

For fast, repeatable setups with varying payloads

• Touch and Go Quick-Release System

For speedy setups and take-downs without compromise

• Left-Hand Rosette

For left- and two-handed pan arm configurations

• Ground-Level Spreader

Ensures maximum stability, and protects delicate floors


2.6 kg / 5.7 lb


1 - 12 kg / 2.2 - 26.5 lb

Sliding range - plate:

60 mm / 2.4 in

Counter balance:

12 steps

Grades of drag:

5 each horizontal and vertical + 0

Tilt range:

+90 / -75°

Temperature range:

-40° to +60° C / -40 to +140° F

Camera fitting:

Touch & Go Plate DV 8

Tripod/Pedestal fitting:

100 mm bowl, integrated flat base fitting

Pan bar(s):

1, Type DV 75


self-illuminating Touch Bubble

Tripod: Sachtler ENG 2 D

The Sachtler ENG 2 D has double extension dural aluminum tripod legs with a 100mm bowl and a maximum load of 77 lbs.


  • 59-inch Maximum height
  • Double extension Type
  • 100mm / 4" bowl Head Interface
  • Up to 77 lb. Payload
  • Locks tripod legs in seconds with Quick clamping system

Max Height

150 cm / 59 in

Minimum Height

39.5 cm / 15.6 in

Closed Length / Transport length

69 cm / 27.2 in

Thread Type

100mm 4" Half Bowl

Leg Sections

Stages/Sections 2/3

Max Load Capacity

35 kg / 77 lbs

Leg Lock type

Quick Clamping System

Spiked / Retractable Feet

Spiked feet


2.9 kg / 6.4 lbs

Off-Ground Spreader: (Sold Separately)

7007 + 7004

Ground Spreader

SP 100 (inc) or SP 100/150 (Sold Separately)






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