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Selling 35mm Short Ends Kodak Vision 3 500T, Vision 2 500T, 100T, 50D, 200T

Harry Schleiff

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Hi All,

I'm selling 35mm short end recans. I came into this stock a few years back, a friend worked on the Wolf of Wall Street and was able to get me there recans. I thought I would use them on a project by now but haven't got around to it and they have been kept in safe storage. I'm looking to sell footage at below price points:


Kodak 5219 Vision 3 500T Color Negative - 5,817ft (Price = .25/ft)

Kodak 5260 Vision 2 500T Color Negative - 400ft (Price = .20/ft)
Kodak 5212 Vision 2 100T Color Negative - 3,687ft (Price = .20/ft)
Kodak 5201 Vision 2 50D Color Negative - 400ft (Price = .20/ft)
Kodak 5217 Vision 2 200T Color Negative - 1,395ft (Price = .20/ft)
Fuji 8583 - 400ft (Price = .20/ft)
Fuji 8563 - 400ft (Price = .20/ft)

All recans have over 250 ft of film, some are full 400ft recans.

Please PM me or email hschleiff@gmail.com if interested in purchasing.

I am based in NYC, but can ship if needed.




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Hey all,


I still have these amounts of 35 short ends available if anybody is interested:


Vision 3 500T - 7,341 ft (.25/ft)

Vision 2 200T - 1,395 ft (.20/ft)

Vision 2 100T - 1,200ft (.20/ft)

Vision 2 50D - 400ft (.20/ft)

Vision 2 500 T - 400ft (.20/ft)

Fuji Eterna - 800ft (.20/ft)


email: HSchleiff@gmail.com

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